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The Playoff Hunt

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The Playoff Hunt

The 2006 NFL Season has turned the corner towards the last half of the season and the playoff picture is getting muddy. With 9 games played, who are the teams destined for the playoffs? Who are those that might sneak in? And who are those that need to start losing to get a better 2007 draft selection? Let’s take a look. In the AFC East, there are two teams in playoff contention. The Patriots are 6-3 and have a one game on the 5-4 Jets. The Bills and Dolphins are playing for 2007. The AFC North is Baltimore’s to lose. The Bengals are three games back and don’t look like a playoff team. The Colts own the AFC South that’s a done deal. Jacksonville is 5-4 and has a shot at the playoffs if they can stop losing to teams like Houston. The AFC West is a battle. Both the Broncos and Chargers are 7-2. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are 5-4 and in the hunt for a Wild Card. The NFC East is a tight race. The Giants have a one game lead on Dallas and Philadelphia. Washington is dead. Chicago will win the NFC North. The other teams are vying for 2007 draft selections. The Saints are marching in the NFC South. It’s still anyone’s division, but the whole country is pulling for the Saints to get into the playoffs somehow. Carolina and Atlanta are just one game back. The Seahawks keep it going despite not having their MVP running back and Pro Bowl QB. They are 6-3 and will take the NFC West this season. The other teams are showing some improvement, but losing seasons look likely and they won’t challenge the Seahawks past this point. So, there’s where we stand as of this writing. It’s going to be an exciting finish in the NFL. The Playoff Hunt

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