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Tee For Two?

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Tee For Two?

Here are some golf facts that would make the cut in any reminiscing tournament. • Among Gene Sarazen’s achievements and contributions to golf was his invention of the sand wedge. • Walter Hagen, in the 1920s, was the first professional to make a living playing golf rather than teaching it as a club pro. • Phil Mickelson may be the most successful left-handed golfer ever, but he’s right-handed in everything else he does. • Today, purses on the PGA Tour routinely exceed $5 million. Quite a difference from Nicklaus’ first paycheck on Tour: $33.33 at the 1962 L.A. Open. • Before the 1930s, clubs were identified by names. Instead of a 3-wood, 5-iron or 9-iron, you would have used a spoon, a mashie or a niblick. • Dr. Cary Middlecoff, an Honoree at this year’s Memorial Tournament, gave up dentistry to play golf and won 37 tournaments, including the Masters and two U.S. Opens. • Of the last 10 U.S. presidents, nine have been golfers; only Jimmy Carter was not. • Jack Nicklaus grew up idolizing Bobby Jones, who won the 1926 U.S. Open at Scioto Country Club, a course in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where his dad introduced him to the game. These facts were discovered by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group through its support of Jack Nicklaus and the game of golf. Tee For Two?

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