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Stripped Marlin Madness!

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Stripped Marlin Madness!

Another day in cabo san lucas fishing for stripped marlin. Anyone who has caught one of these fish know they put up a huge fight. Well it was about four in the morning when the alarm went off, time to roll out of bed for another day of tag and release fishing. There is nothing better than spending the day on the water with some good buddies collecting data on such a remarkable species. So as we got to the boat our friend and captain was already at the docks warming up the boat and buying bait from one of our locals. So once we got there it was just time to untie the boat and push off for a day on the water. Well once we got past the port captain on the way out of the harbor, we stated to talk about where we wanted to fish for the day. We thought since there was plenty of the day boats heading up north to the pacific side we decided that we might head up that way as well. So I said to the guys why don’t we go hit up the golden gate fishing spot. This is a spot that many of the locals take there day trips to, because it is known for producing tons of fish. The problem is sometimes you will get out there and it looks like the whole marina is parked out there on this one fishing spot. Anyways it was early and we made it out there before all of the day boats arrived. So as we released all the lures in the water and started to fish, we stated seeing alot of birds feeding up about a mile north so we fished our way up there. Once arriving to the spot where the birds were feeding it was like marlin madness. I mean there was about 15 marlin I could see right at first, and I am sure there was more below. I told the guys to pull in all the lures and put on live bait since that’s what there feeding on. I got us right up on a nice sized marlin and we got a bait right in front of his nose, and he took it. The reel started screaming, and I think from the co motion of one fish being hooked up we hooked up two more right away. So now we have 3 marlin hooked up and its a mad house in the cockpit of the boat, three guys fishing and one guy running around getting tags ready. Well needless to say that day we tagged and released over 10 stripped marlin, making it one of the best days of marlin fishing for us. We never take any game fish from our waters as they are becoming over fished. So please remember when fishing only keep what you need, and just take pictures, your friends at home will like the pictures just as much as three of four coolers full of fish. And when you can go check out save the pacific, there a new non profit that are dedicated to helping protect and preserve our fragile oceans. Thanks for reading, I will be posting alot more fishing and conservation stories so keep your eyes open. Craig is a part of http://www.savethepacific.org – A non profit foundation working to protect our oceans. Stripped Marlin Madness!

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Last update date : 30-11-2021

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