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Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

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Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

Fly fishing is absolutely never complete without a fly fishing rod. A rod has several specifications and parts as well so before you decide on taking a splash for the fish you just can’t wait to get your hook in to, be sure you have an idea what your rod is really made of. First, although fly rods have different shapes and sizes; some are longer, heavier or more colorful than the others, the different parts of a rod doesn’t change at all. The important part of the rod is referred to the rod blank. It is the central shaft of the rod and it’s where everything, where the rest of the rod is attached. Rod blanks is also called the tip and then the heavy section is called the butt. Generally, blanks are made of graphite but there are still other materials that can be used. Next is the reel seat. This is located at the butt of the rod. The purpose of this is for the fly reel; the rings found on this part are meant to lock the reel and the foot in place. The material used for reel seats can be either graphite or metal. Then we have the rod handle. This is located just right above the reel seat. This part of the rod also varies in different sizes and shapes. You can find different materials for this one. For more expensive rods, the usual material used on this part is made of rubber. But for the usual cases, (rods that are less expensive) cork is the more common material. And lastly, the rod guides. These are attached to the rod blank. The purpose is to ‘guide’ the fly line through them. As always, this part of the fly fishing rod varies in shapes too. You’ll also notice that the first guide is identical to the ones found on conventional fishing rods. What they are referred to as well is stripping guides. For the rest of the rod, the wire used is thin and it’s usually addressed as snake guides. The last guide found at the tip of the rod is called the tip top. Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

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