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Pool Tournament Dr. Cue Pueblo Colorado

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Pool Tournament Dr. Cue Pueblo Colorado

I’m sitting in the ‘Classic Qpool hall in Pueblo Colorado in between matches in this tough action pool tournament. It’s almost 4 PM and I have been here since 10:00 AM this morning. I was lucky and drew a bye in the first round and then won my first match 5 ရန် 1 a few minutes ago. There is definitely some tough action in this tourney. We have several players from Colorado Springs and Denver and then of course there is Dr. Cue (Tom Rossman) from out of state. This is the 13th annual Dr. Cue Pool Tournament. By far the biggest tournament in Pueblo and one of the bigger billiards tournaments in Colorado. I think there are 85 players this year which is one player more than last year. The format is 8 ball BCA rules. It’s a race to 5 on the winner side of the bracket and a race to 4 on the one loss side. We flip a coin to determine the break on the first game and then it is alternating breaks after that. နှင့် $40 entry fee, only the toughest shooters around get in. When you get an open shot, you better get out (run the rack), because a second shot probably won’t happen. I always say, You miss, You lose. The pool tables all have new cloth and the one I played on was extremely fast. I missed a table run on the 3rd game because the cue ball rolled to far on the ball before the 8 leaving me hooked behind the 8. I hooked myself so good on that one that there was not even a good bank angle to make a hit. I gave up ball in hand on that one but luckily my opponent had a couple of clusters and was not able to break them out and clear the rack. I won the flip when the match started and began the match with a break and run. My opponent had the next break and he answered with a break and run. This was a surprise because his cue ball rolled behind one of my balls and he could not see the 8 ဘောလုံး. He made a table length Masse shot on the 8 ball to answer my run. This is definitely a fun pool tournament and I will be keeping you posted on the out come. သင့်ရဲ့အောင်မြင်မှုကို Out ရန်, Ted Pool Tournament Dr. Cue Pueblo Colorado

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