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LPGA Players Build Stronger Bodies

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LPGA Players Build Stronger Bodies

Have you ever considered just what it takes to regularly play on the LPGA? The competition is stiff. The stakes are high. The commitment for discipline, dedication and determination is at maximum levels. Consider for a moment, they are playing in front of thousands of people. Every mistake they make can be viewed by all. For many, it’s their income. The quality of their lives depends on how well they play. Then, there’s the competition. They know every competing player has the same goal, and much of the same skill and determination that they have. They are also constantly dealing with the media, their sponsors, charity events and tons of other extra’s that go along with playing golf professionally. Many will wonder how they manage to handle it all. Many amateur golfers would do well to learn from these pros. Yes, they have access to the best trainers, the best clubs, and are free to practice hours on end. But, that’s not the whole secret as to how they manage to maintain their power, balance and poise, both on and off the course. Their real advantage is the conditioning of their most valuable asset, their body. The majority of these tour players maintain a golf fitness regimen. This regimen includes training for strength, flexibility, balance, and mental conditioning. Proper nutrition also is a necessary portion of their strategy to maintain a high level of performance. Golf requires consistent repetition of the swing. The golf swing is a very complex movement and requires much from the body. Unless the muscles are flexible and strong enough to perform each movement on command, the game suffers. Many teaching pros will tell you that one area they see the most that prevents their students from progressing to the next level of their game is their level of muscular strength and flexibility. Just a small amount of regular exercises designed for golf can make a big difference in your performance on the course. LPGA Players Build Stronger Bodies

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