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Junior Iron Sets

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Junior Iron Sets

Tiger Woods was a child prodigy who started playing golf at the age of two; his father knew the game of golf and taught him the ropes. Now, if you have children and are thinking of introducing them to the game of golf, you may be asking yourself where to start, and who to call? So why not have a look at what Golf Buy It Online have to offer. They supply a large choice of junior iron sets which are purposely manufactured for all levels of younger golfer by some of the best brands in golf including Nike and Masters. Nike Golf Par Red Mid Iron Junior Irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and reward. The Par Red irons have the highest loft, lightest headweights and most offset to aid getting the ball airborne, for achieving sufficient clubhead speed, and to help to square the clubface before impact. You can either start here or with the Nike Golf Birdie Blue Mid Iron Junior Irons which are designed with mid-loft, headweight and offset to allow for greater distance and proper trajectory. Nike also offer Nike Golf Eagle Silver Mid Iron Junior Irons which are the next step up from the Birdie Blue level and are designed to reveal the possibilities of practice, practice, practice. The Masters range includes the Masters Golf MC-J110 Irons which offer great value for juniors just starting to play golf. The MC-J110 Irons are manufactured in three height ranges, fitted with light weight graphite shafts and a large sole lowering the Centre of Gravity that helps get the ball into the air and are available in right hand and left hand. Golf Buy It Online has over 30 years experience in golf retail and are on hand to offer their expert advice. The store is owned and run by PGA professionals so you know that you are getting the best advice on the best golfing equipment around. Making an online purchase is as secure as stepping in to one of our stores and being served in person and buying online means that you have access to a huge range of golf products and as much information for those products as you need so that you know you are buying just what you need and that the price is right. Junior Iron Sets

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