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Golf Swing Tips Will Not Work By Themselves

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Golf Swing Tips Will Not Work By Themselves

Golf swing tips are rampant! Golfers cant get enough of them. But are they workingor are they adding to the confusion and frustration of your game? Many qualified instructors will tell you to stay away from all the golf swing tips in the golf magazines. Why? Because it causes paralysis-by-analysis! What I mean is you get on the course and you are thinking too much about your golf swing mechanics and not enough about getting the ball in the fairway, onto the green, and in the hole! We also call this the 62-point checklist. Im here to tell you that golf swing tips by themselves will NEVER work! I knowthis is a very strong statement, but I feel very strong about this. How many times have you received a tip from a golf instructor, golfing buddy or out of a magazine only to try it and play worse? Come onbe honest! I can tell you right now that its your BODY that wont allow you to apply this golf swing tip. Your brain knows what to doand wants to do it, but your body CANT perform it! Your heard it right here! Your BODY cant do it! This is the missing link to your best golf ever! Work on the machine (you) and the golf swing tips or mechanics you so yearn to do will magically happen. Ive seen it hundreds of times with the golfers Ive worked with. I have literally taken someone off the practice tee, given them a stretch and they step right up and nail the ball long and right in the middle of the range. They become instant believers! There is no magical golf swing tip thats going to change your game! Golf swing mechanics are critical, and the only way to achieve them is to reduce your own personal physical limitations. This is not an overnight fix, but one that will last the rest of your golfing career. Wouldnt it be nice to step up to the tee and know without a doubt youre going to be the longest (and straightest) hitter in your foursome? How about shooting the lowest score and taking all the money? This is a reality ifyou work on your machine (body), off the course to play better on the course. Then… and only then will all those golf swing tips work! Golf Swing Tips Will Not Work By Themselves

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Last update date : 18-04-2021

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