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Core Training For Golfers

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Core Training For Golfers

Core training for golfers is a must for developing maximum power and distance. As in all athletics, the core is your engine. Everything comes from the core! The modern golf swing is definitely a ‘core-focused’ beweging; unlike the older swing technique of lower body action dominant. You probably have heard the term core training for golfers, but do you know what it means and how to implement it into your golf performance routine? Your core is the middle section of your body’specifically your abdominal region. If your core is weak or restricted in rotational flexibility, you will have a minimal chance at hitting long drives. I see this all the time in the senior golfer. No core strength or flexibility, resulting in a HUGE decrease in yardage off the tee. The senior golfer will say things like, ‘I’ve lost so much yardage off the tee the past few years’; ‘I use to hit my drives 50 yards further’; ‘If I could only get 20 more yards I’d be happy’. This can be a very frustrating situation; but one that can be remedied easily, quickly and in the convenience of your home with minimal equipment. Improving your core rotational strength and flexibility does not require equipment in a gym or club. You can do exercises as simple as grabbing a single handweight, getting in your golf posture, and rotating back and through holding the handweight in front of your stomach. You can also do stretches right in your office chair. Sitting upright and reaching around your chair, turning as far as you can to the right, then turning to the left. These are just some very basic core training for golfers exercises, but they would give you a ‘kickstartinto doing a complete program for your core. You will be amazed at how much power you acquire in your swing when you implement a core training for golfers program. Even if that’s all you did for the time-being, you’d be way ahead of the game. But my guess is once you start slow and easy, you’ll get the ‘runners highand want to do more. This does not have to be a gut-busting routine! You can spend as little as 10 minutes a couple of times a week and see results. Don’t put it off any longer! Start your core training for golfers today! Core Training For Golfers

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Last update date : 28-01-2022

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