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Cleaning Your RC Car

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Cleaning Your RC Car

Radio controlled hobby cars are just like the real, life-size ones; they need regular check up, cleaning and tuning and an overall proper maintenance to guarantee good performance while on the tracks or whenever it is used. You can simply use a denatured alcohol in cleaning your RC car(s) but be sure that it doesn’t get to any of the electronic parts of your car since this type of alcohol has a very strong solution which may be enough to damage parts of it. But if you want to go beyond just by using denatured alcohol, you can try other products that may give you benefit though can also leave you spending more than the allotted budget. There are still more options which you can take though so you don’t have to be stuck on spending a lot on solutions you wouldn’t be needing everyday. An alcohol and a bottle spray can do the trick. Air compressors are also great tools for cleaning your RC car. The thing with air compressors is that it blows off air to the RC car but it doesn’t do the entire maintenance needed for your car. If you don’t have an air compressor yet, better save up for it because it could cost around $65 ‘ 69 as the market price. But if you already have one, then, better. A combination of a green alcohol solution and an ordinary rubbing alcohol with the aid of an engine cleaning tool can help with the maintenance of your RC car. As for engine sprayers, all you need is simple green solution, water and a small amount of alcohol. Keep the proportion 5:1 for the simple green to water. The idea while you use an engine cleaner is to make sure that the sprayer targets the area with bearings and the bearings to the wheels. Make sure also that you don’t spray much of the solution to the car to avoid damage on the electronic parts. You can do this and even conserve the use of the cleaning solution by allowing very little solution to come out of the sprayer. Cleaning Your RC Car

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