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Can you even throw a punch?

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Can you even throw a punch?

Help me, Im fat, lazy and afraid of a bully. When the World Turns VIOLENT! I bet you run. Are you martially in danger? All titles to bring on that chilling fear inside and solicit a response – so read on.. ITS DANGEROUS OUT THERE Its dangerous out there and especially for you.. The enemy may be next door and you dont know it but you got to have the guts too look. What can you really do once you see some violence or get scared or worse because you receive a bashing or king hit – do you hide in your house? You know that given a situation to be a hero and stop a crime, terrorism or violence you’ll be able to step up or chase after them etc – or maybe you’ll cower or be the victim. The danger today is maybe not too obvious to you but you better hone your sensors or youll get hit without seeing it coming. PHYSICAL COMPETANCE Have you ever seen raw attack or someone getting ‘owned’? Just search google for “martial street fights” – “martial owned” Watch those movies and cringe!!! http://www.google.com/search?q=martial+owned http://www.google.com/search?q=martial+street+fights Kung Fu, Boxing, dancing, balley, incompetance? What will you offer to your attacker? I can judge I am probably half the strength and endurance form 10 years ago, how about you? Can you throw a punch or even stand steady on one leg? can you do a round-house or even give a kick to the knee? Ever heard of a combination? MARTIAL KNOWLEDGE a martial art is defined as – 1 : of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior 2 : relating to an army or to military life 3 : experienced in or inclined to war : WARLIKE http://www.martialarm.com/information/martial-arts-definition.html a martial art is defined as: various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, and Tibet. http://www.martialarm.com/information/martial-arts-definition.html If you’ve never studied a martial art, your awareness of them most likely starts at Bruce Lee movies and ends with the stylized theatrics of The Matrix. If that’s the case, you may not realize from what you’ve gleaned onscreen that there are an estimated 200 unique kinds of martial arts, and within these, thousands of different styles. Karate, judo, kung fu, and tae kwon do are among the most popular and well-known of the martial arts in the U.S., but there are numerous others. Despite the array of martial arts and styles, most of them share common techniques, and so they can be organized into broad categories that facilitate understanding. The primary way of classifying martial arts is by the basic physical technique they use: striking or grappling. The different styles can even be related to shapes or geometry – squares, triangles and circles. MARTIAL TRAINING TO LIVE Training is hard..really hard. The most hard is to get started and its down-hill easy from there. What you need is a martial arts machine – something new and exciting to get you off your fat ass. Search for it – martial arts machine – http://www.google.com/search?q=martial+arts+machine Whats important now is to do something, start with brief excercise, get into stretching, shadow box, then step up and train hard. GO to the local phone book and look up kung fu or karate. Then give them a call, go along or take your kid. CONCLUSION IS ACTION Life is not scarey but maybe your lack of skill, self confidence and personal competance is making you petrified. Be pro-active and look, then choose and participate in action whether alone with a martial arts training machine or go to a dojo. If you are not liking what you see in the mirror, afraid to go down a dark street, scared of a potential confrontation then train now. Can you even throw a punch?

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