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Golf Ball Logos

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Golf Ball Logos

Logo golf balls are considered the true ambassador to the game of golf. They occupy approximately twenty percent of the golf ball business today and are mainly used for corporate branding. It is through logo golf balls that you build and maintain successful business relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers, and the millions of people who enjoy the game of golf. The printing of the logo on the golf ball is done by the respective golf ball companies using state-of-the-art equipment. If one needs a logo to be imprinted on the golf ball, all that one has to do is to get a cameral ready logo to give to the printers of the golf ball. There are different forms of printing for the logo on the golf ball. The single logo imprinting used the finest colors and details of the logo to be printed on a golf ball that is within a 7/8′ круг. Double imprinting involves printing of the logo on two sides of the golf ball. One can either imprint two of the same logo or two separate logos on the golf ball, at an increased price. A minimum of eight to ten dozen golf balls are accepted as an order for logo printing. If you plan to send the logo design to the printer through email, it is better to use Adobe Illustrator or .eps formats in vector graphics, as these graphics do not incur additional charges. Sending the logo by fax is another option, but the logo turns out to be black and white after being faxed. So to facilitate the coloring of the logo design on the faxed paper, a clean-up charge will be assessed by the printers. If one plans to use logos on the golf balls for a tournament, it is important to first confirm that the tournament sponsors approve of the logos before actually printing the logos. This is because most of the companies are specific about their logos and expect everyone to follow their guidelines. As there are hundreds of golf balls with different logos, some golf enthusiasts have started collecting logo golf balls as a hobby. To facilitate the development of logo golf ball collecting, the World Logo Ball Association was created in 2000. Logo golf ball collectors can buy, sell, and trade logo golf balls and, увогуле, learn more about the hobby here. Golf Ball Logos

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Last update date : 18-10-2021

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