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Baseball Games On The Radio Are A Home Run

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Baseball Games On The Radio Are A Home Run

It’s often said that there’s something special about listening to the hometown broadcast of a baseball game on the radio. Now, no matter where they are, baseball fans can follow the fortunes of their favorite team. Thanks to satellite radio, it’s possible to listen to all the live-action coverage of the team of your choice, even if you are on the road or have moved far away from your hometown. 2006 marks the second year of an 11-year broadcast and marketing agreement between Major League Baseball (MLB) and XM, the official satellite radio network of MLB. MLB games are carried live on XM channels 176 through 189, with Spanish play-by-play and call-in shows on MLB En Espanol (XM channel 190). In addition to live game coverage, there is a varied menu of baseball-related feature programming available, such as Baseball Beat, a daily roundtable discussion with the top national and local baseball beat writers sharing the stories coming out of their city and teams. For those in a fantasy league, Fantasy Focus, hosted by sportscaster Jeff Erickson, is a show with reviews of the best and worst fantasy players and advice to callers about how best to manage their teams. Cal Ripken, Jr., the legendary Baltimore Orioles shortstop and record holder for most consecutive games played, hosts an exclusive, weekly show called Ripken Baseball. From the major leagues to youth baseball, all topics are under discussion. Plus, listeners can e-mail questions. It’s even possible to start the day with a baseball-only show-Baseball This Morning. This news-magazine-style show features leading sportscaster Mark Patrick and veteran player, manager and broadcaster Buck Martinez with MLB news, scores, statistics, player information and a guide to upcoming games on XM. Said Eric Logan, executive vice president of programming, XM Satellite Radio, “Baseball fans have grown up listening to games on the radio, and now we can hear games from all across the country whether we’re in the car, at home or at the ballpark.” Baseball Games On The Radio Are A Home Run

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