Your Mental Scorecard

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Like life, winning at golf is a mental challenge. You should never be too down on yourself for a loss, anymore than you should become arrogant at a few successes. The game of golf will help you learn to deal with disappointment and shortcomings in other areas of your life. Don’t ever allow yourself to stop enjoying the time you spend with the game. If you begin to find yourself losing your enthusiasm in this situation, take the time to evaluate and determine out what has begun going wrong and take action to correct it immediately. Once the enjoyment of the game is lost for you, it is difficult to continue play. It is important in golf as well as in life, to periodically step back and re-evaluate your game. There are an abundance of techniques for this. Some will record their game so that they can watch it in order to evaluate the changes they need to make. The point is by evaluating your game… I mean to see how well what you are progressing and getting you to the goals that you have set for yourself is a lifelong continual process of a quest for improvement. It is important that you must set up well thought out attainable goals and milestones along with a specific means of reaching those goals… and a way to track and evaluate your progress. In order to thoroughly evaluate your game, you will need to review how you play. This involves taking a good look at your previous games and deciding if you have succeeded in meeting the goals you set. If you have met that goal compensate yourself for a job well done, and review the next goal. If you havent yet met that goal you will need to evaluate it and determine if it is reachable, and if not, re-set it to a more realistic place. Determining the reason it was not successful can and will go a long way in evaluating and ultimately improving your game. Once you have found the reason for the inability to meet the goal you have set, and re-established it, you can once again begin to play and hopefully compensate yourself again as you reach one goal after another. If you are willing to combine hard work with reachable goals with a strong metal game, your will be a winner at life as well as golf. Your Mental Scorecard

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・ Your Mental Scorecard

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