Portable Fish Finding TechnologyHumminbird SmartCast RF25

ווי צו האַנדל ביטקאָין ביי 100קס ליווערידזש אָדער גרענעץ

קענען איר מאַכן גוט געלט מיט ביטמעקס?

100× ליווערידזש!! קריפּטאָקוררענסי FX אַקאַונט באַשטעטיק אַרויף

You will love this Humminbird RF 25. It is one of the best ways to get your fish finding tools to the highest level of portability. By mounting it directly to your fishing rod, you get easy to see, clear and perfect images to tell you just where you need to go. This fishfinding tool is supreme. By allowing you to have the display right on your fishing rod, you are hands free to take care of casting and baiting that rod. It gives you a good idea of where you are landing and what is there to catch. Here are some of the other features of the Humminbird RF 25. It offers a highly visable 1 ‘ diagonal display with 48V by 32 H resolution. That translates into a good image on a good sized display right on your rod. Perfect for viewing at arms length. It will give you the water temperature to allow your know if your fish is in the area or if it is too warm or too cold for it. It features a remote operating range thanks to its remote sonar sensor (RSS) that you can cast upto 150 feet from your boat or the bank, and it will read upto 120 feet in depth. Then reel it back in. This is superb for getting a good look at what’s below and what’s far out. The display is easy to read because it features digital depth readouts. These things make it easy to understand what is on the other side of water. Seeing is what allows you to catch after all. The pulse backlight display gives you enough light in just about any situation so that you can fish whenever the need is there no matter what time it is. און, you get RSS technology as well. אקעי, there are still more features to the SmartCast RF 25. It has a handy clock to allow you never to forget that the wife wants you home at a certain time or that the baseball game comes on in a few minutes. You can easily power this system with a replaceable watch battery. Easy to replace so that you have no reason to go without your fishfinder. אַזוי, with its features, it simply is one of the best fishfinders around that are mountable to your own fishing rod! Portable Fish Finding TechnologyHumminbird SmartCast RF25

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・ Portable Fish Finding TechnologyHumminbird SmartCast RF25

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