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Hanging at the pool hall. This is how I spent a great deal of my time in my early years. We have many bars and pool rooms here in Pueblo Colorado. There have only been a couple however referred to as the pool hall. The three establishments that were referred to by that name sold no alcohol. They were straight out pool rooms with a few video games. There is only one of these left here in Pueblo now. The name of the place is the ‘gCorner Cigar Store’h. You will find six 9pool tables there and most of them are antique Brunswick tables. We used to gather there on almost a daily basis and play everything from one pocket to ring 9 ibhola. (ring game = 3 or more players and usually for money) I had a few gambling matches there that lasted all night and into the next day. I liked to show up early and shoot some practice drills before the action started. There is nothing like a little wager on a nice game of pocket billiards. With a busy schedule and a family to take care of, I don’ft get to play much pool during the day anymore. When I do play it is usually league night which is always in a bar (tavern). Maybe someday when life allows retirement, I can resume that old favorite activity of spending the day at the pool hall. For now the memories will have to do. My game is probably twice as strong these days, so if there is still good action there it should be profitable. Playing where there is no alcohol is also cool when it comes to buying a round of drinks. I hope the sodas didn’ft go up in price too much. Ukuba abaleke Impumelelo yakho. Ted Pool Hall Hanging Out

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・ Pool Hall Hanging Out

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