Why The Seahawks Will Go To The Super Bowl

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I know what you are thinking. How about the Chicago Bears? Forget them. The Chicago Bears are done. They are highly overrated. Their weak spot is the QB and that’s going to get them killed come playoff time. Ask yourself this, what healthy team with a decent defense and offense has the Bears beaten? If you said the Seahawks or the Giants, you would be wrong. Both teams were beat up. Let’s talk about the Seahawks. First, they went to Soldier Field to play. That’s a tough venue. But, here’s the thing. The Seahawks were without MVP Shaun Alexander and they just got WR Branch. Why’s Branch important? Well, the Seahawks went to a 4-wide offense for the first time. They used the Chicago Bears game to test out their new offensive formationwithout a running game. They passed, passed and passed some more. In other words, you can toss that game out the window, because it’s not a predictive measurement of another match up. The Bears played the Giants recently, but the Giants were beat up. The Bears also got to take advantage of a scheduling break, because they were already in town from the Jets game of the previous week. The Bears are shaky and they’ll go down just like last season. So why the Seahawks? The Bears could be the #1 seed and the Seahawks the #2. It’s likely that a team like the Giants will go into Chicago and beat the Bears. The Seahawks will have home field for at least one game and for the championship game if the Bears lose. They are very tough at home and capable of beating any team in the NFC at home or on the roadif healthy. When the year is up, we’ll see the Seahawks marching back to the Super Bowl. Will they win this time? Time will tell. Why The Seahawks Will Go To The Super Bowl

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・ Why The Seahawks Will Go To The Super Bowl

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