Troy Aikman: 1989 Draft Day Picks

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Troy Aikman was born on November 21, 1966 in West Covina, California. From early on in Aikman’s life it was obvious that he was going to be a great athlete. He showed this time and time again on the football field, and eventually he turned into one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Aikman had everything he needed to be a top notch football player. In addition to plenty of size and strength, Aikman also had one of the best minds that the game of football has ever seen. When combined with his will to win it is easy to see why he was so successful. Aikman attended Henryetta High School in Henryetta, Oklahoma. During his time in high school he was named to the all state team for the sports of baseball and football. In fact, he was good enough to get drafted by the New York Mets right out of high school. But even though he could have made a lot of money by signing a professional baseball contract, he instead decided to take his game to the University of Oklahoma. When Oklahoma decided to switch offenses after an injury to Aikman during his first season, he decided to transfer to UCLA. This worked out well for Aikman as he finished his career with a 20-4 record, and also led the team to two bowl wins. Aikman was drafted with the first pick in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft by the struggling Dallas Cowboys. Although he struggled adapting to the game early on, after a few seasons he began to get his footing. Over the course of his career Aikman was selected to six Pro Bowl Teams. Additionally, he won three Super Bowls and helped to put the Cowboys back on the map. After all of this, it is not hard to see why Aikman is considered one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. Troy Aikman: 1989 Draft Day Picks

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・ Troy Aikman: 1989 Draft Day Picks

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