Trailerable Sailboats ‘ Convenient And Inexpensive

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One of the best ways to enjoy sailing at low cost is to get a trailerable sailboat ‘ something you can cruise around in, or race, yet not have to worry about the wear and tear a boat suffers on a mooring. You will also save quite a lot of money in mooring fees. If you have enough room to keep a sailboat of, 20-27 feet at home, you should consider a trailerable sailboat, as this will save you a lot of money. Of course, you need a car that is capable of towing, launching and retrieving your boat, and you need a good trailer. For a trailerable sailboat you also need a launching slip nearby. I recommend a 4×4 if you are going to launch the boat every time you sail, although if the slipway is well maintained you might get away with a conventional car, but front-wheel drive is not recommended because when the trailer is loaded and you are on a slope, a lot of weight is transferred to the back of the car, leaving insufficient weight over the driving wheels to get good traction on a slippery surface. With a trailerable sailboat you will save a lot of money, so long as you don’t leave it in the water fror more than a month at a time. In other words, it is fine to use your trailerable sailboat for an extended cruising holiday, but it is cheapest to trail it to and from home every time you sail. This way, you do not have to antifoul the hull, there is no danger of osmosis, and much of the maintenance needed on a boat kept in the water will not be needed. Also, of course, you will not have to pay any marina fees. The alternative is to keep your trailerable sailboat in the water for the season, and keep her at home during the winter, where it is easy to carry out maintenance. A lift keel is ideal for a trailerable sailboat, and you will usually find that the trailer is designed to fit whatever boat you buy. Trimarans or narrow catamarans are also suitable as trailerable sailboats because they have little draft, and so have a low center of gravity. The make of boat depends where you live, but here are some suitable trailerable sailboats: Alberg 22 Balboas Cape Cutter 19 Com-Pac 19 Cornish Crabber 17 Corribee Enseneda 20 Hartley 16 MacGregor 19 and 26 Montgomery 15 and 17 Ranger 26 Red Fox 200 Sportina Swift 18. Good sailing! Trailerable Sailboats ‘ Convenient And Inexpensive

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・ Trailerable Sailboats ‘ Convenient And Inexpensive

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