Tips For Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs

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Buying a set of golf clubs for the first time can be a bewildering experience. They come in all budgets, different lengths, constructed of different materials and different weights. Choosing the right club for you can be difficult but don’t panic. Some basic tips can put you on the straight and narrow to happy golfing. The first thing to realize is that ‘off the shelf’ clubs will probably not be the best for you. This is simply because these golf clubs are made to sizes to suit people of average size and not many of us are perfectly average size! Your swing is also an important consideration when choosing a club and not all players have the exact same swing so an off the shelf club will probably not be the best club for most players. The ideal way to choose some clubs is to go and try some out. Head down to a driving range and rent a set of clubs. When renting clubs, to begin with try to pick a club length that is the same distance as your midriff to the floor. This is a good place to start and after a bit of practice and swinging at the range you should begin to get a feel for the ideal length and weight of club for you. At this stage, if you’re a beginner you should probably hold off buying any clubs until your game has improved to the point that your swing is relatively consistant. If you’re a little more advanced and swing the clubs consistently you should consider buying a good fitting set of clubs. Head down to your local club and consult the professional at the club. The professional will want to see you swing and drive a few balls to get a feel for what you need. They will be able to confirm if you’ve got the best length of club for you, they’ll check for the best club flex to suit your swing, make sure you know which grips you will need to suit your hands and be able to offer advice with regard to club head angles, sizes and weights. If you need it they will also advise which irons and drivers you will need to make up your set of clubs. Once you are armed with these insights you can then choose a good fitting set of clubs for your body and game at the right price for you. A good fitting set of clubs will ensure your game continues to improve consistently. Tips For Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs

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・ Tips For Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs

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