The NBA And The Community

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The National Basketball League has some excellent players on its teams. They train well, play well, and interact well. The players not only do these things well, but they also give to the community. NBACARES is a wonderful program that allows youths in need of role models and other types of assistance to receive this help directly from the professional basketball players. The players go out into communities and seek out young people in need. They hand-deliver gifts to children who would otherwise not have a Christmas, provide housing for families with children, as well as provide many other services to those in need. NBACARES has also created a program to promote literacy in children, called ‘Read to Achieve.’ The program encourages youngsters to learn to love reading by having many types of community events, and also teaching adults to read to their children. They host fundraising events, which help to raise money for books and computers for local schools, and equipment for recreation centers. NBA players not only participate in NBACARES, but some of them even have their own foundations. These foundations provide grant money for numerous non-profit businesses, which give to the community. Children, as well as adults think it’s great that NBA players take time out of their extremely busy schedules in order to help those in need. Kids look up to the players as role models, and some players even ‘adopt’ certain youngsters, and become their personal ‘big brother’ and mentor. This is a really great thing, too, because some children have no one to look to for support. They may be an only child, or either their parents are too busy trying to work in order to make ends meet and may not have time to devote to their child. That’s why the mentoring is so important. Children need attention and guidance from a person who they trust, and what better role model could there be than a famous NBA player. This can help a child stay out of trouble, such as gangs and hanging out with the wrong crowd. It also helps to build children’s self-esteem, therefore, enabling them to excel in school, and anything else positive that they wish to pursue. Thank you National Basketball Players, for caring enough about our youths to help to enrich and improve their lives! The NBA And The Community

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・ The NBA And The Community

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