The Amazing Timeline Of Michelle Wie

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One of the biggest individuals in golf right now is arguably Michelle Wie. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 11, 1989; Michelle is making headlines around the world for her outstanding performances in women’s events, and particularly for her aggressiveness in competing in men’s events. While there is a bit of talk lately about the way she is supposedly getting easy access into events, I just thought we’d instead look at some of her astonishing achievements to date, that got her to the amazing position she is in now. – Michelle first started playing golf at age 4, and played her first 18 hole round at age 7, scoring 14 over par. – At age 12 she was the youngest ever player to qualify for an LPGA tournament (the Takefuji Classic). Then at just 13 years of age she became the youngest ever player to make an LPGA cut at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. – At just 14 years old she was already over 6ft tall. And at only 15 she managed two second place finishes in LPGA events, and missed the cut into a few men’s events by just a couple of strokes. – She turned pro just after she turned 16, and made her first cut into a men’s event. She is now receiving multi-million dollar invitations into a number of different women’s and men’s events, and she still hasn’t turned 17. Now they are definitely some pretty amazing accomplishments, but it’s really only a sample of what Michelle has achieved. If you would like to see a full timeline of Michelle’s golfing career, visit. The Amazing Timeline Of Michelle Wie

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・ The Amazing Timeline Of Michelle Wie

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