So You Want To Be An Umpire?

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An umpire plays a very critical role in every baseball game. He is the decision maker in terms of rules of play and decorum in the field. If you ever want to be an umpire, you must of course know the rules of the game and all the technicalities subject to the rules or the modes of play. An umpire has some rules to follow also to be what he really is. As mentioned, this persona plays a very big role, therefore he most know what he must and must not do when he is doing his job. Here are the things that an umpire should always keep in his systems. Umpires in the field are not allowed to talk to players or coaches. He must stay in his designated position at any cost. Umpires are tasked to manage the game and not to chit chat in the field. He must keep his uniform in good condition. He carries the name of baseball therefore he must appear and be respectable at all times. An umpire should be courteous with club officials but not to the extent of being so familiar with them in anyway. Once an umpire enters a field, he should stick to his duty of umpiring the ball game. An umpire must not be brought down by criticism or protest when a problem occurs in the game. The best way to handle the situation is to consult the rule book. Energy from umpires would keep the game rolling. Baseball is pure energy and excitement therefore the umpire must also be in the proper air to be so. He is the only official representative of baseball in the field. He must therefore have a hold of his temperance and self control when bad situations occur. There is always room for mistakes but it should not be the case that favoritism is to be done. An umpire must not take sides on either team. Always keep an eye on the ball. He might have missed something with less attention, which may lead to misjudged decisions. An umpire should wait until a play is over to make decisions. Umpires should not hesitate to consult their associates. An umpire should always be in a position to see every angle and bit of the play. It is of importance that an umpire should be firm to gain respect from the people in and out of the field. So You Want To Be An Umpire?

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・ So You Want To Be An Umpire?

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