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Faaauau mai Iron Pama Q&A Faatasi ai ma Sigung Richard Manino Vaega 6 Advanced methods include (but are not limited to) cotton palm, springy palm, fire hands (burning palm), Advanced No-distance hitting and universal energy palm. Also included are learning how to use a Yin palm to take energy out and the Yang palm to put negative energy in to someone. Also the delayed death touch and other advanced striking methods are in the advanced curriculum as well as more advanced methods of energy transference including being able to strike a person almost anywhere and have the strike travel through the opponent’s body to an intended destination somewhere else inside them. Healing methods for many of the energetic strikes are included. Skill tests include being able to hold three boards and break them all or only break any one or two together of the boards as chosen by the instructor and being able to break bricks and get different effects with the brick breaks. There are other skill tests as well such as being able to lightly hit through a very thick force shield pad and have the person who is holding the pad feel the hit as if the pad is not there. I have some police officers for students and have demonstrated this hit through a bullet proof vest. I also have a method that is taught as part of our advanced Tai Chi curriculum that includes Internal Iron Body, Cotton Palm and high level Dim Mak including being able to hit anywhere on their body and have your blow go where you want it to as well as how to touch the opponent very lightly (or so it seems) and transmit a tremendous amount of damage to their spine and central nervous system. To be continued in ‘Iron Palm Part 8’ Iron Pama Vaega 7

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