Holmes na skúšku

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Imagine a football star, 22 rokov, with all the success ahead of him, on the verge of fulfilling his dreams of turning into a recognized star and now being involved in legal problems. What a way to screw up! Santonio Holmes the first round draft choice of Pittsburg Steelers was ordered to stand trial next August 15. The reason is for stemming charges on assault and domestic violence incident which supposedly happened in June 19 concerning the mother of his five months year old baby. Michael Brandt, Columbus Municipal Court Judge, set the date even when the victim is refusing to testify against Holmes, despite the situation the woman does not want to proceed with the charges. Holmes paid a $3.500 bond to remain free. The worst thing for the player is that if the trial’s date remains, Holmes will be forced to leave the Steelers less than 3 weeks into his first NFL training camp. But this is not the only case that involves Holmes and the law. He also has a hearing next Wednesday in Miami Beach for charges on disorderly conduct as a result of his arrest on Memorial Day weekend. This kind of behavior makes Holmesreputation to fall down and to be in real problems with the NFL, it could bring sanctions before he ever plays his first regular-season game. Most people know how important is for a lot of college players to be picked up in a NFL draft, it can be the highest dream to reach for them on their careers, and the question remainswhy some players do not take advantage of this kind of opportunities? Holmes na skúšku

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・ Holmes on trial

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