Similarities Of Golf And Archery

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Golf started a little more than 500 years ago. It may have gone back as far as the roman days. The golf ball was a leather pouch stuffed with feathers. Is it possible the kids back then started the game of golf by taking the feathers of their father’s arrows and stuffing their pouch, and used a club instead of a bow to get the curvilinear motion of a game they really wanted to play? The Scottish Shepherds started playing golf back in Scotland, by hitting a leather ball stuffed with feathers. So many people played the game of golf in Scotland, that the government eventually stopped the game. The government wanted the people to practice archery, so they could be good enough to defend their country. Was stopping the game of golf altogether a mistake? Judging by the enthusiasm of how golf is moving forward today. They might have been better off stopping the use of the mashie and niblick golf club, and made it mandatory to use the bow and arrow instead. It would have accomplished two things. The people would have improved their archery skills, and for the people who continued using golf clubs, it would have speeded up golf play at the same time. All they had to do to make it safe was lengthen the tee time intervals. The wind may have been the only other dangerous factor. The biggest problem would have been getting an audience or a crowd to watch along the sidelines. Now taking a look at the similarities of golf and archery, one would think they went hand in hand. Both sports require a shaft, target, distance and accuracy. The two sports are played with a curvilinear motion. Players from both sports have to use a straight arm and a bent arm. The two sports have rounds to play. Both the arrow and golf ball are capable of going 400 yards or better in a single shot. The tournaments included junior tournaments. Carrying either equipment is typically swung over the shoulder. The circle in a target is the approximate size in width as the tin cup. Equipment for both sports is made with grooves in them. The one difference between the two sports that stands out the most, one requires a nock and the other requires a niblick to play with? Similarities Of Golf And Archery

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・ Similarities Of Golf And Archery

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