Regattas: Excitement On The Water

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If you have ever seen boats racing along the water then you have seen a regatta. This term stands for a boat race that can include power, sail, and man powered boats. Most often, though, a regatta is a non-powerboat race. The average regatta is more of an amateur competition. They are usually put on by clubs for sport than actual hardcore racing. They provide people with a way to have fun with their boats and see who is better at operating them. Regattas are sometimes used to help with advertising. A marina or yacht club will host a regatta to attract people from all over to try their luck at the event. This also will attract a lot of spectators and people who are potential customers to the marina. Currently the largest regatta is held in England on the Thames River. It attracts over 800 sailboats with thousands of spectators. This comes as no surprise considering how popular regattas are in England. The sport may be found in America and all countries but it has its roots in England. The oldest regatta is the Cowes Week and it is still taking place to this day. As the sport becomes more popular it is becoming more common to see American competitors. There is a certain honor involved in winning a race and with the American spirit for winning it comes as no surprise that they would join the sport. Only time will tell if it will become a recognized sport in America. Regattas are not only limited to adults. Some high schools and colleges and started holding competitions. The National School Sailing Assosiation Regatta and Mallory Cup are some of the larger out of high school regattas. If you wish to take part in a good layed back sport then a regatta is for you. While there is a competitive spirit the more layed back atmosphere suits a lot of people. Regattas: Excitement On The Water

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・ Regattas: Excitement On The Water

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