Rechargeable Batteries For Your RC Car

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An RC car is run and operated by batteries. RC car batteries are important parts because basically, your electronic RC car will not run if it doesn’t have batteries in it. On the other hand, even if it has batteries in it, it should be the correct batteries. There are in fact a lot of checking and testing first before you put it to use for your RC car. RC cars and trucks that runs electronically need to be the rechargeable ones to compensate for the running hours of your practice and competition duration. Since there are so many types of batteries out in the market, you need to make sure that you have the correct information regarding the needed battery device for your RC car. So, first of all, know that rechargeable batteries are the NiCD and NiMH ones. NiCD stands for nickel-cadmium while NiMH is for nickel-hydride. Other than the two, it is not rechargeable so be very careful with this detail. The brand that you prefer comes next because there are affordable rechargeable batteries on sale but ones which do not meet the needed requirement for running RC cars and trucks. Regardless though, make sure that you choose a battery brand that conforms well to your RC car/truck’s running time needs. The battery charger that you use also counts and lengthens the life of a rechargeable battery. Make sure that you select a good charger that automatically stops from charging when the battery is already full. A battery pack has a specific voltage (V), power consumption (W) and Maximum Current Drain (A) limit and so it is also important for you to know these things. Take for instance the required volts of a battery to run a RC car is 7.2. This is already good for running a car for about 10 minutes but then, there are also conditions which affects the running time of a RC car. Batteries are usually sold by packs, each pack consisting at least six or more batteries. The difference between the two NiCD and NiMH is the shelf life of each. A NiCD can last up to six months where as a NiMH battery can last up to 12 months. Regardless, keeping your RC car in its most top condition and making sure that you drive it with extra care helps your batteries perform at its best. Rechargeable Batteries For Your RC Car

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・ Rechargeable Batteries For Your RC Car

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