Little Known Ways To A Safe Scuba Diving

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Basically, scuba diving is a high-risk and dangerous sport. Yet, if you follow these tips, you can have a fun, fantastic experience of scuba diving: • Get scuba dive gear that fits For a fun scuba diving, make sure that the gear fits you properly. The mask should be comfortable and water-leakage-free. The BCD should be snug enough so that it does not ride around in the water. The Booties and fins must not cause discomfort or blisters. • Drink lots of water Make sure that you remain well hydrated. Just water, no alcohol. • Learn first Take some lessons before you jump into the water. Get qualified by a certification agency before participating in SCUBA diving. • Check out with your doctor It’s better to do a check up with your doctor before deciding to scuba dive. • Safe places to dive Even though you’ve got your certification of scuba diving, do not dive in dangerous waters or in any other environment of which you are not qualified to dive. Avoid dangerous laced for they require special scuba training. You can easily get lost or trapped and run out of air. • Get a friend Never ever dive by yourself. Get a friend or join a diving club. • Know the weather Know for sure the local weather condition before getting on a dive. Check out if the water and weather conditions are safe enough. Cancel the plan if it is going to rain or there will be storm. And if you are already in the water yet it rains and even you hear a storm, get out of the water immediately. You don’t want to get struck by lightning. • Protect your eyes and skin Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against the suns damaging rays. Wear a waterproof sunscreen with a sun protection factor containing a high rating such as 15 to protect your skin. Little Known Ways To A Safe Scuba Diving

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・ Little Known Ways To A Safe Scuba Diving

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