Leading Manufactures Offering More Choice

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The leading manufacturers have taken the options for Irons beyond a simple ‘players club’ or ‘game improvement iron’. They now offer variations in between, increasing your choice. That means that you need to take more care when purchasing your clubs and we need to evolve the fitting process. A fundamental part of the PGA apprenticeship is learning how to ‘fit’ golfers both from ‘static’ measurements (your dimensions, posture etc) AND from ‘dynamic measurement’. The dynamic measurement is critical. Static measurements give us a base, but watching a golfer’s swing, measuring swing speed, tracking ball flight (trajectory and shape) and assessing ball striking capability enables us to ‘fit’ precisely the solution that will be right for you. The process of fitting to a ‘solution that works for you’ has also changed. Whereas in the bygone days we would (and are properly trained to) alter the club head to create the perfect trajectory and a more consistent shot shape, there is now, because of the range of options each manufacturer offers, an additional step in the process. These different models each create quite different characteristics to alter ease of launch, launch trajectory, spin rate (including side spin), size of sweet spot and even the inclination of the club to square up at impact. In the fitting process we need to evaluate those options and their benefit to, and impact on, your game. And that isn’t just about where your game is now, but where it is likely to be in the short-term. From that evaluation we can then help you make an investment that will deliver results now and in the future. The Touring Pro’s, who take this ‘dynamic fitting’ process as seriously as you should, do not select the same options despite their obviously similar ball striking quality. Padraig Harrington last year spent time trying out all the Wilson options, measuring precisely the difference that each model delivered and then working out which was the best option for his game. The results are very interesting and just prove how much of a difference fitting your equipment (both dimensions, settings AND model) to your game will make. For expert advice on fitting the correct irons for your game visit your local PGA Golf Professional. Leading Manufactures Offering More Choice

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・ Leading Manufactures Offering More Choice

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