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A deep investigation has been developed in the Baseball world after the use of steroid by Barry Bond, as the Major League Baseball reported. According with the information given, the baseball player has been taken steroids, human growth hormone and insulin for the last five seasons, since 1998. Two recent books have revealed the case, these are: ‘Game of Shadowswritten by two Chronicle reporters from San Francisco and ‘Love me, Hate me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antiheroby Jeff Pearlman. The investigation will be headed by the U.S Senate majority leader George Mitchell. Additional declarations have confirmed that baseball player Bonds and any other player that is a part of this investigation will be allowed to play while the case is developing. Nyob rau lwm cov tes, according to an unknown source of the New York Daily News, the baseball player does not want to cooperate with the investigation. In Baseball there were no tests for performance-enhancing drugs until the 2002 lub caij. It would be hard to penalize any baseball player for the use of these substances before September 30, 2002, when the joint drug agreement was created. Baseball playerstests started in 2003 and the penalty followed in 2004. About the author Jill Woods is part of the skill writersteam on sports for the gambling industry at I Bet IAS . Feel free to reprint this article just as it is posted. Kev tshawb nrhiav ntawm steroid siv nyob rau hauv Baseball kev ua si lub ntiaj teb no

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・ Investigation of steroid use in Baseball Sports World

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