Helping You Catch Lots Of Fish: The Eagle FishElite 500C

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For a great fish finder, check out the Eagle FishElite. It will offer you some great quality fish finding at a price all of us can handle. But, what are the features that make it so grand? Let’s take a look at them. We’ll start with the 500C’s display screen. At five inches, it is high quality with its ultra bright screen and 256 color LCD display. Yet, it is even better because it offers a high definition to help you tell what you are looking at! To make trips at night or during dark hours beneficial, the 500C also offers a backlit screen and keypad. Yes, even those late night trips onto the lake will be benefited by this finder! But, the display is really only one of the elements that make this a great tool to have. It has some of the best sonar you’ll find. The sonar used on this model enables you to see clearly what is happening below the surface. In fact, you will be able to separate the fish from the bottom or the structures as well as see real time sonar pictures to keep you up to date on the location of your fish. Watch him swim and see where he’s headed. Of course, you’ll want to grab him as well. You also get GPS tracking in this fish finder as well. This gives you the ability to find your location as well as track where the river goes and where the bends and turns lead. Explore someplace new and seek out the best of the best in docking opportunities. The Fish Elite comes with pre-installed maps of the continental U.S. and Hawaii. You’ll never get lost, always be able to make your way home easily. The Eagle FishElite is a good, durable, easy to use fish finder that you can use to lure in your fish. By using a tool like this one, you can count on bringing home a full load of fish every time you head out onto the lake. Helping You Catch Lots Of Fish: The Eagle FishElite 500C

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・ Helping You Catch Lots Of Fish: The Eagle FishElite 500C

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