The Hula Golf pana aku la ia – Elua koʻikoʻi Rules

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So many beginners move their legs and lift their heels during the short golf shot. This is far too many moving parts leading to sloppy shots and lack of firmness. So do not move your lower limbs consciously during your swing. Keeping them still will help you develop a feeling of firmness when you play these delicate golf shots Now, swing smoothly and you will find that your lower limbs do move. But the difference is that they will move naturally with no input from you. You will notice a little knee action that will occur naturally. Keep the heels on the ground and still. Do not move them. Now I wonder if you are experiencing inconsistency in your ball striking, hitting behind the ball on many important occasions. I had terrible trouble with this at one time when I was practising, and I was hitting bad shot after bad shot every time I tried to hit the ball. I was hitting behind the ball every time. I must have looked pathetic because a fellow golfer approached me and apologetically told me what I was doing wrong. He obviously felt a bit embarrassed about giving me some advice. I was so grateful to him and I have had no trouble since. He told me not to take the club back in a direct line from the ball as I was doing. e aho, take the golf club back slightly behind this line, (described as taking the club back inside the line). So if you take the club back a little behind the direct line, you will notice immediate improvement as I did. ina nae, you do not have a problem here in your ball striking and consistency, do not change what ever you do. Don’t forget to watch the ball and do not lift your head until it is well on its way towards the target. Bill Maitland is a thinking, inventive golf guru. He thought out and developed simple techniques and tips which enabled him to lower his handicap from 25 i 18, then from 18 i 15, and finally from 15 i 12. He is a passionate golfer, and delights in helping others with their game should they want his help. The Hula Golf pana aku la ia – Elua koʻikoʻi Rules

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