Golf School ‘ Time to get ahead of the competition

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If you’re fed up with loosing every game and feeling that it is time to give up golf for good, then perhaps it is time to head for a golf school. But before you hand over your credit card, you must first of all think of four things when selecting your school. Goal All top sportsmen, whatever sport they partake, have a goal. This is something that most people overlook however it is a crucial step that shouldn’t be ignored. Think carefully about what aspect of your game you would like to see better results in. There are schools that specialize in specific aspects of the game. Some golf schools will, for example, concentrate solely on your swing whilst others will look to improve every aspect of your game. Think carefully about this because it will affect your decisions on which school to attend. Budget Like it or not, chances are you are not a millionaire. Thus, you will have to select a course with price in mind as prices can vary considerably, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The price can vary due to the following:- ‘ Who provides tuition ‘ big names attract bigger prices. ‘ Location ‘ Accommodation ‘ One-on-one or group tuition ‘ Video analysis of your golf swing Combine with a Vacation If you already go on a golf vacation every year then this is an ideal opportunity to combine the two as it will keep your costs to a minimum. Many people love the ability to enjoy the golf lessons by day but then have the freedom to explore outside and experience the local nightlife. Be Prepared To get the most out of your golf tuition make sure you have done your homework. Have all of your needed tools and equipment with you and remember you can only get out of your schooling what you put in. In order to improve your game, constructive criticism is a must. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, you are there to learn, not pretend you know everything to fellow students. Golf School ‘ Time to get ahead of the competition

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・ Golf School ‘ Time to get ahead of the competition

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