Golf Consistency and Scoring

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I am not the best golfer on earth, my handicap varies from 16 to 18 most of the time, but I am not unhappy. I did not take the game up till my thirties, have never had a lesson, nor do I use the best clubs. For me golf is about camaraderie, being out amongst nature, and competing with myself. Luckily I have a great bunch of friends who share these ideals and we have a great time taking a dollar or two off each other. Therefore my improvement comes from reading books and magazines, and watching golf shows. I read everything I can, and spend ages reading through the 500 odd pages I found at I would like to share with you two tips that without doubt, reduced my handicap. The First. As a consistent swing is the aim for most golfers, and it is important to repeat the swing over and over again, but is that possible when the clubs are all a different size. Therefore I maintain the same ball position for every club. I have come to the conclusion that the ball position is the most critical part of the golf swing. To ensure that the stance is comfortable and correct, I move my right foot closer to the left as the club becomes more lofted. Then I can play with the same swing every time, on the same plane. Every now and then (but rarely) I may change the ball position, for example, to cut the ball around a corner, but of course that’s when I play some of my straightest shots!! The Second I believe scoring is best achieved around the green, especially chipping and putting. When putting, I always line up the put, but I do not concentrate on the ball, rather the very last dimple on the back of the ball. I focus on that point alone, therefore ensuring that I will strike the ball from straight behind it, which in turn will get the ball rolling correctly. When you start to use this methodology, you may initially have trouble with pace, but after practising for a while, the technique is very sound. There are many great stories and hints at Good Golfing Golf Consistency and Scoring

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・ Golf Consistency and Scoring

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