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Part of the fly fishing or sport fishing is the lure. A lure is also called a ‘Fly’ or ‘pattern’ as its technical name. A lure can be anything with feathers, fur, ribbon, beads and other sorts of artificial materials tied to the hook. A fly lure’s main purpose is to attract or imitate a target species. The materials used for a lure are made in a sense so they can appear as real-life insects in water. There are several types of fly lure. There are even some recommended by fly fishing experts because of the general appearance in water but in many cases, these fly lures have different characteristics in the water so it really depends on your own purpose. Crankbaits has the ability to behave much like ‘bird dogs’ in fish hunting. In using crankbaits, expect for it to plunge in to the water and dive deeper compared to other lures. So if you’re in for deeper water fishing, crankbaits are the best choice. Don’t forget to use long rods though; rods between 6.5 to 7 feet are ideal. Next is called the Jigging spoons or also known as the ‘structure lures’. This type of lure is most often used by experienced fishers. Its main characteristic can be used best when fishing for species in deep waters with unstable temperatures. The spinnerbaits is the most ideal type of lure for any kind of fishing. You need not worry about the type of rod or line or even cover if you want to use spinnerbaits. Also, spinnerbaits can be used at any time of the year regardless of the type of weather and water. Of course, for clear water fishing, there is the lure called Tube jigs. Fish living in clear water are inactive but tube jigs behave much like drop bait so experts recommend this lure to use. And last but not the least of recommended fishing lures are called the Vibrating lures. These lures are either made of plastic or metal and they tend to sink fast in deep waters. When you get a catch, pulling back the line in with this lure on it gives off a vibrating effect, thus the name it’s given. Fly Lures

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