Fish The Right Plastic For The Condition

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When choosing which plastic bait to use, you must factor in the conditions you’re fishing under, such as, water clarity, cover, temperature, sky conditions and the size of bass you want to catch. You also want to know what the fish are feeding on and try to imitate it. Why fish a 10 inch worm if the fish are feeding on 3 inch shad? If the water is clear fish smaller lures with less action. The fish feed by sight more than sound in these conditions.? In stained water fish creature baits where the legs and tails are moving. Also, worms with swimming tails are good too, it helps the bass find the lure. In cold water use a more subtle lure like tubes and straight tailed worms that glide. Try a light color lure in clear skies and clear water, and a dark color lure in stained water and around dark. They make a better shadow than light colored lures. For flippin and pitching try a crayfish, lizards or tubes. Smaller lures will produce a lot more strikes but larger lures will usually catch more quality fish. We all have a lure that is our favorite and it’s hard not to use it at every lake. But if you want to catch fish consistently, then you need to fish the right lure for the conditions. Fish The Right Plastic For The Condition

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・ Fish The Right Plastic For The Condition

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