Basketball betting: now the Clippers are the flavor of the week!

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As mentioned here yesterday the Phoenix Suns have once again teased the public long enough to the point that they are a very difficult team to bet at this stage of the season. After dispatching the Clippers in a wild shootout in game one, the Suns were annihilated on the boards in game two as the Clippers won by 25! Game three goes tonight at the Staples Center where the Suns are brimming with confidence after winning a sudden death game last week against the Lakers. They are a tough team to figure out as they can light it up from three-point range, but on the other hand, because of lack of size, can be bullied around. The Clippers outrebounded the Suns 57-26 and they were 27-14 during the regular season at the Staples Center, as well as 3-0 against the Nuggets in round one! If you want to look at one matchup that could prove to be a deciding factor, Phoenix guard Raja Bell going up against LA’s Cuttino Mobley. Bell who was at the center of the controversy in his battle with Kobe Bryant in round one, was stellar in the first game, when he held Mobley to 3 points. In game two Mobley scored 22 and the Clippers had both an inside and outside game. Veteran point guard Sam Cassell’s has an NBA ring and he looks to be pumped in this series, probably due to the fact that MVP Nash is garnering all the attention. He is a motor-mouth that can change the complexion of the game with his leadership ability and antics. I buried the Suns a week ago and had harsh words for their whiner coach D’Antoni and I see Brand and Chris Kaman being far too much for the soft Suns to handle. The Clippers take game two by 6 points! Basketball betting: now the Clippers are the flavor of the week!

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・ Basketball betting: now the Clippers are the flavor of the week!

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