Another bumper day of Cyberslotz wins

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January 25th again saw Nicolas S land in the money on a number of occasions. He set the ball rolling again – for the third day in a row – with an early-morning victory to the tune of ‘300. And, in an echo of the economy’s more general troubles this week, the success came on the site’s Market Mayhem slot. This features a stock market mini-game, giving the player the chance to try their hand at dealing virtual stocks and shares to boost their winnings. Nicolas S did not quite reach the top jackpot of ‘4,000 but, with the win coming on a free spin, he might still have been celebrating. Another repeat winner on the site over the course of the day was Clare R with a total of three victories. Another bumper day of Cyberslotz wins

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・ Another bumper day of Cyberslotz wins

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